Programming and Creating Games


One person license to be used by a student at home or by a teacher inside the classroom.


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M.I.T Scratch

Contains Resources for both the major M.I.T Scratch Releases (Version 3 and Version 2)

In 25 modules, Stevie and his students will guide you to the world of coding by helping you to create electronic games using M.I.T Scratch application.

You will find step by step instructions to

a) Design your own electronic games.

b) Understand the basic principles of computer programming.

c) Build the “Banana hunt” and “Grab the bone” electronic games.

Banana hunt

Grab the bone

This is about a series of video lessons, accompanied by questionnaires, exercises and its solutions. They are especially enjoyable, permeated with humor and a lot of music. The star of the videos is Stevie. He is a cartoon character with a special personality. With his students assistance, Stevie will guide you through the magical world of computer programming by building electronic games using the M.I.T Scratch application.

Learning Subject: Computer programming (coding)

Ages addressed: 10 – 16 years old

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Teacher’s Guide availability: Yes


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